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Work: Illustrated Instagram Highlight Covers for your Business

We are all too familiar with using the 'Instagram Story' feature on Instagram!

Everything that isn't worthy of a post, makes it to a story. Whether it's a behind the scenes, or creating a poll, adding stickers and even some music - it's all now possible when creating your experience on Instagram & when you put so much time and effort to craft a story, what better way of giving it more longevity by adding it to the 'Highlights' section? 

& so comes the importance of adding more personality to your already creatively curated Instagram feed - these stories are taking your customers and your profile visitors on a journey and just like your feed, your profile should be 'dressed' for the occasion too!

At Hybrid Pencil, we focus on making things aesthetically more appealing to the eye! & so we worked with Teal Harmony Limited to give their story covers that oomph it required!

Instagram Highlight Covers for an Interior Design Company

Teal Harmony Limited is an interior design and renovation company based in Nigeria. Their mantra is: #spacesmatter - so no matter how small or large your space is, or the project scope is - they take utmost care and attention to the client's requirements. 

When we got together to discuss their Instagram branding requirements - we created these 6 pockets that they use to group their stories. & as their role is to engineer their spaces to look beautiful, I opted to create icons for their profile representing their work (@TealHarmonyDesign).

When you visit their website, you'll notice the same consistency on their website, their four key areas of focus: Residential, Commercial, Corporate & Product Design so you will have the same experience on their web, and won't have to second guess when searching for what you are after!

These icons have been inspired by their own work! & so when you are ready to let Hybrid Pencil develop your Instagram icons know that the key questions asked will be:

- What do you capture the most on your Instagram? 

It needs to come naturally to you, you don't create posts according to your highlights, but create highlights according to your posts - so think how you can group your stories.

- What content do your users engage with the most?

Whether it's reviews and feedback you are getting personally that encourage other clients to reach out to you, behind the scenes stories or polls - what would your clients like to visit and revisit on your profile? Menus? Opening Times? Price lists...?

& from there, along with research and analysis on my side, together - we create covers that help make an impact! The key thing is to always add value, in everything you do!

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