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Work: Baby Shark Birthday Invite

I challenge you to say 'Baby Shark' without saying 'doo doo doo doo doo' after!

Ha - it's a tough one especially since the viral Baby Shark video has taken over our lives. From the original version that was launched in 2015 to the various remixes now doing the rounds on Facebook & YouTube - it's a song that'll have you dancing and singing - especially because it instantly makes all the kids around you do the same!

& what better way to celebrate your two year old's birthday than by having 'Baby Shark' as the birthday party theme!

Increasingly over the years, I've observed how birthday parties now have themes! From colours, to fruits, from magical creatures, super heroes to animals in a jungle, zoo or ocean! & one might wonder, why?

A theme helps you set the mood, it supports your planning process to become more streamlined and helps make it memorable for the guests.

Once you have picked your theme - you can then be guided and make choices around it: from the invites, to the event decor, from food plates and cups to the activities and even return gifts! Your energy and focus is then directed to get as creative as you want within your chosen theme.

& Hybrid Pencil has been fortunate enough to be part of the design process of multiple themed parties in Lagos, Nigeria!

Last year, our client chose the Baby Shark theme to celebrate their child's second birthday party & Hybrid Pencil was part of creating the save the date and the actual invite.

The client wanted to combine the sea and sun - especially as her son, Kian is her sunshine! The font along with the pastel colours were all inspired by the Baby Shark video and with the intention of making it look fun (and not scary - cue Jaws!).

The save the date and actual invite (below) was all illustrated by hand on Procreate using Apple Pencil (including the textures) and then edited in Adobe Illustrator to add the text and finishing touches. It was shared via Whatsapp as a png file.

My favourite bit is the sea bed: the fish, rocks and plants come together so beautifully and did you notice the shark bite on the '2'? 

Baby Shark Birthday Invite by Hybrid Pencil, Lagos Nigeria

If you're looking to create an invite for your friend or children's birthday party, contact me to discuss what you have in mind! 

& if you are looking for a birthday card or gift tags, then visit our 'Shop' section to see what you like!

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