Mix and match 10 floral gift tags and get 500N off your purchase!

Colour Inspiration #1 by Hybrid Pencil

Colours do and mean so much in our lives - from representing and influencing our emotions, to affecting us physically and holding a deep significance in our lives.

Not only that... colour in nature manifests in a particular way too! It helps animals seek friends amidst enemies, preys from predators!

& that holds true to everything you see around yourself - from brands to personal choices - a colour can alter the way you feel and experience a moment.

& I am sitting, combining colours I personally like - those that I feel go well together or those that I have come across online or through another artist's work (which shall always be credited of course).

Enjoy my first compilation! HEX numbers are provided below and if you need these in any other format - let me know!

Magenta #9A656F
Butter #EBD49E
Basil #6A9584
Blue #6F87C8
Apricot #E8B49C



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