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Tropical General Investments Group, Nigeria

Tropical General Investments Group Nigeria - Christmas Card 2018

Designing these cards was very special for me as well as for the team at Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group in Nigeria.

The project consisted of designing and printing 1000 greeting cards, 5 x 7inches paired with kraft envelopes to be distributed for Christmas.

Whilst the wreath greeting card focused on the festive season and was a lot more traditional, the one on the left represented TGI in its entirety as a Christmas tree.

Made up of 18 companies, the new head office was placed at the top followed by the different activities they run on a daily basis. TGI Group owns over a 100 leading brands as well as touches millions of consumers daily and not only to adorn the tree but to represent the magic of all they do, I placed stars across the tree!

The process for these designs consisted of:

-Initial proposal including agreement of deliverables
-Revised sketches
-Vectorising, revisions & final file delivery in PNG and PDF formats as well as 1000 printed greeting cards delivered to their head office.

I worked hand in hand with their Communications & Corp. Affairs manager as well as their Business Development & Strategy manager to ensure the card was on brand and representing all the important divisions as the card was distributed to their clients. 

Whilst working with such a global conglomerate might be daunting for some, the team had stated from the very beginning how supportive they are of emerging talent in Lagos and guided me through out the process to ensure TGI was accurately represented on their Christmas Card. That put me to ease and let me provide ideas that matched their expectations which that had the ball rolling!

Below are the digital versions of the illustrations.

Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group Digital Greeting Cards


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