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The Cookie Lab, Nigeria

In one of my first blog posts, I covered how The Cookie Lab logo came about (here) but one of Chandini's biggest dilemma was the need to update her labels constantly!

With different ingredients to explore throughout the year for the various occasions and celebrations, Chandini will sometimes launch cookies that are available for a limited time and that too, requiring a quick turnaround on printing her labels.

Instead of involving me every single time, I helped her establish her label branding and created an editable label that goes on her packaging.

That means - Chandini doesn't have to keep coming back to me all the time - whenever she experiments with her ingredients and her flavours, she updates the pdf document herself and sends it for printing for her new cookies!

Her cookies travel across the world, and it's taking a piece of Hybrid Pencil through the logo and the branding too! :) It's been given the stamp of approval by Eat.Drink.Lagos and ranks as #1 on my go-to list for a delicious cookie!

Have you tried one of her cookies yet?

The Cookie Lab label sticker - fully editable!


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