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Kindstars, UK

Kindstars, a Kindness Club in the UK had their logo designed by Hybrid Pencil
Kindstars, a Kindness Club run by a teacher in her school in London, UK is keeping busy empowering little people to spread kindness in a world that really needs it! 🌟

@Kindstars on Instagram: a space where she shares the kindness that the little humans in her kindness club are learning and practising. She's looking to inspire you to practice kindness on a daily basis.

In a world with so much distress, anxiety, and unhappiness, we need more beams of light to show us that goodness exists! & that's what this lovely teacher is looking to create, a kinder world, one post at a time! 🌈🌟

Her logo was designed by me, Hybrid Pencil following a brief provided by her wanting to represent kindness through a star with bright colours!

The dark blue lettering represents the sky with a happy, vibrant star! & if you'll notice, the letter d also acts as a stem and a leaf, making the star represent as a flower too - a kind gift from her, to you! Care to share?

Follow her journey on Instagram: @kindstars

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