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Felt App Greeting Cards

I happy danced my way through the day when I first learnt that I won a Mother's day competition on Paper (by Fifty Three) for Felt App & that's when my journey with Felt App began.

I have been working with the Felt App team since April 2015 and a number of my greeting cards feature on their app! 

It's the perfect app to use to send digitally handwritten cards - with features such as reminders to send out birthday cards for friends/families and the ability to draw on photos too and.
With over a 1000 sales through the app, I am hoping that along with the illustration on the cover paired with words that make a lasting impression, these cards have brought a smile on more than one person's face! 

As an illustrator, it has helped me reach people all around the world as they provide world-wide delivery.

What makes Felt App even more special is dealing with their team!
From Cait who I hear from through their newsletters and design requests, to Gracie who's taken care of me since the first day I joined - to even video chatting with Tomer about the future of the product, both as a user and as a contributor - I've felt part of Felt App above and beyond as an artist.

So, download the app on your iPad & iPhone & let me know when you spot one of my designs! Below are a few you may find!

Hybrid Pencil for Felt App

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